Saturday, October 24, 2009


I got blog duty today for some reason…so here is how my vacation on Caye Caulker started.
Rex filled you on in our arrival in Belize and the water taxi ride to Caye Caulker.  What he didn’t mention is that as I was disembarking from the water taxi, I twisted my  foot.  Twisting my ankle would make more sense, but my ankle is fine, it’s  my foot that is screwed up.

Tuesday night my foot was so swollen and sore that I honestly felt I would be in a doctors office Wed. morning.  I could put NO weight on it.  So on our first night I laid on the couch with my foot elevated.  Now that really sucked!!

The long and short of this, is that my foot has got better each day.  I’ve  gone from using a cane to going without and being able to do most everything I want to.

Anyway today’s adventure included stingrays up close and personal.

Rex had been reading about a boat owner named Rass Creek, that we could hire for a cruise around the island.

rass 046

I don’t know about you but I am  thinking about Gilligan and a “three hour cruise”.

rass 019

Rex enjoys a shot from “The Captain”.  He is really liking that “island atmosphere “.

rass 010

Rex is getting ready to see “the rays'”!

rass 009

A good thing because our captain has a personal favorite that he wants to introduce to him.

rass 012

The introduction……

rass 013

The handoff…..ready or not!!
That was definitely the highlight of the cruise, but not everything Rass had on the agenda.

rass 029,

Rass is throwing sardines into the water which is,

rass 024

causing this feeding frenzy by a lot of fish called tarpon.

rass 036

The last “treasure from  the sea“, of the day was this male seahorse.  Endangered but still  hanging on in Belize.

That pretty much covered our day, and then we got to go home and make fresh red snapper for supper.
This island ROCKS!!


Anonymous said...

mmm..don't know where to start..Well hope the foot is getting ready for a little usage. I'm glad to see Rex having a relax'er before haniging on to the STINGray...I think i would have changed the color of water to -brown- if you know what i mean...keep up the great photo' Teexas now..80 and perfect here (for now)