Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Report From Home

By Susie-Q

Home Alone

I’ve been reading the Blog this week, even if I am stuck here on the desert , Home Alone, and it sucks not to be there, on Caye Caulker with the Happy Campers.

Actually I’m not alone.  The good neighbors, Steve and Meryl stop by at least once a day and visit.  Here is Steve entertaining me as usual.

ok 002

Luckily, Rex left my cat treats handy:

ok 003

Besides Steve, I have my favorite Roadie stop by in the mornings to torment the Shit out of me.  If it weren’t for this screen door, it would be Me, Wiley Coyote, and the Acme company all over this Roadie’s butt.

RR 001

Can you see that S.O.B. sitting outside, just to the right of my head?

RR 004

Damn that Road Runner gets under my skin !!!

Don’t worry Happy Campers, I’m doing my job of guarding the home front, and keeping up on my daily patrols of the camper.

RR 007

RR 009

By the way, you’ve been gone a looong time are you ever coming home?  At least to get me?



Anonymous said...

Great blog. You really planned that out well. Hope all is well on CC. Wish we were there.....