Thursday, October 29, 2009

View from Caye Caulker

One of the really great things about traveling is seeing new things, experiencing different cultures, and having a blog to share them.

island 001
This is an example of the lizards that crawl around all over here.  This one is probably about a foot long, we see them as small as a couple of inches.

island 010
A beautiful egret strolling by the dock.

island 003
This white flower fits into the season….looks a little scary for Halloween with those tendrils.

island 009
A similar model comes in pink.

island 004
My photographer (Rex) said he just liked this big palm tree and…

island 005
it’s nuts. 

island 017
You see a lot of dogs around here.  This one happens to have a collar but most don’t and just run loose.  One fact I found very interesting:  no matter how many dogs I have seen (and there have been a lot)… I haven’t seen any dog shit…what happens to it or do I really want to know??

island 012
A lady cleaning the “catch of the day”.  As fast as she was throwing the fish guts into the water a big black bird was swooping down to retrieve it.  Fast recycling!!!

island 016
My photographer (Rex) taking ANOTHER shot he liked!!

island 002
This is the Iguana Bed and Breakfast and I just thought it was a pretty house.

I also saw a couple of things I wasn’t lucky enough to get pictures of.  On the dock one day I noticed a kid run over to one of the trees with long fronds, he pulled one and I wondered what he was going to do with it.  He took it back to the dock and used it as a a stringer to put his fish on.  Cool!

The other day while we were in San Predro, I saw a little girl about 4 or 5 years old putting the chain back on her bike. 

I really appreciate self sufficient people!!