Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Of My Favorites

Rex recently posted about his favorite cactus flowers so I decided I'd like to show of couple of springtime plants I like.

This is a smoke tree.  It is a really beautiful pink color.  This tree grows along the road like brush.  When we were in Independence, Missouri a few years ago we were shown a tree that is  one of the largest smoke trees in Iowa.  However it was a brownish, black instead of pink so I guess they come in more than one color, but the pink is by far my favorite.  Sadly, on the reservation the last couple of years, they have been clearing the growth along the roads so a lot of these have disappeared. 

This is a bottle brush tree....a small one.  At the library in Laughlin there is one about 10 feet tall.

A close up of one of the "bottle brushes".  This beautiful red color is really eye-chatching.  Love this plant and, like lilacs, only around for a short time.  Spring everywhere has beautiful scenry to enjoy.