Monday, May 2, 2011

The Clues Were Clear

By Susie-Q

The clues leading up to this violation were many. The first clue was last week, when the Happy Campers were gone house sitting. That means I was left home alone all week, with Steve the next door neighbor looking in on me daily.

When the Happy Campers returned home, Rex didn’t change my liter box.  When they are going to be gone awhile Rex uses clay liter in my box, as opposed to clumpable liter when they are home everyday.

Clue #1

Where is my regular Clumpable liter?

The second clue came along on Friday, when Rex finally changed out the clay liter with a new cat liter made out of recycled newspapers, called Yesterday’s News.  This liter is terrible!

pavers 005

After a couple of days it stinks and smells like shit.  It gets all soggy, and I wondered at the time “What the hell is going on?”

Clue #2

Yesterday’s News liter?

The third clue was on Sunday night when my food silo suddenly disappeared. This can’t be good. Something drastic is in the works! Where is my supper?

pavers 007

Clue #3

My food silo was removed?

The last clue was early Monday morning when Rex carried in the Cat Garage.  That Cat Garage means I’m in for a trip, and I hate to be away from my camper !!!

pavers 009

To use the word’s of Grandma Rechsteiner, “I’m not liking this, and I’m gonna have to get a little tuff with them”. I took off for the closet and began sharpening my claws and teeth for the battle. By the way, at this point I’m scared to death!

Clue #4

The Cat Garage came out?

Sure enough I was loaded into the Cat Garage and put into the the truck.  When we arrived at our destination, after crying in protest all the way, I smelled it.

I recognize that foul odor, it’s like the like the dog pound, this can’t be good! Now I’m pissed off, scared, and hungry.  My food silo was still missing this morning.


cat 001

I’ve been dropped off at the Veterinary Clinic. I’ve already been neutered, what the Hell am I doing here?

susie 013 By Susie-Q