Monday, May 23, 2011

Mother Update

rass 017 I had several reasons for going to Wisconsin but none were more important that spending my Mother’s 90th birthday with her.
About 6 weeks ago my Mother went into a nursing home.  She was in a nursing home a few years ago and absolutely HATED it.  She willed herself able to go home again.

Based on her past experience with a nursing home I was anxious about how I would find her.  But she seems content.
What is the difference..

This home is new so it doesn’t smell like a lot of them do.
She has her own room with a bathroom that includes a shower.
She doesn’t have to sit at a table for meals with people that pick their nose, constantly swear, drool, and are generally disagreeable.  (I know that sounds insensitive but it’s true).

Although I did join her for a meal one evening.  Both of her tablemates are 79 and in wheel chairs.  One of them motioned for an attendant and was wheel away from the table.  After the meal, while walking away from the table, my Mother whispered “that lady shit her pants, that’s why they took her out”.  My Mother really can’t whisper even though she thinks she can.
So is my Mother happy?  Probably not but unless the world reverts to something she understands, I don’t think that’s possible.  Content is pretty good in my opinion.


Heather Besl said...

I really believe she has accepted where she is and making the best of it.