Thursday, August 31, 2017


By Uncle Hans


Well I promised an explanation of my lack of eligibility to play football. I learned three years ago that the NCAA and the NCCAA and the NAIA all use what's called a 10 semester rule. They count the number of semesters you have attended post high school education and the limiting number is 10. It does not matter to them whether you played a sport during these 10 semesters, or not.

     You would think they would count the number of semesters or seasons that you participated in a sport?

     Well, you would be WRONG. If you count my undergraduate work. Medical school. And 5 year postgraduate residency, I have 26 semesters of advanced education. Even though I never set foot on a playing field or Court of any kind during that time, I have no eligibility because 26 is greater than 10.

     It makes no sense. What is the reasoning behind the rule? I could get no one at the NCAA to explain or justify it. And what really angers me is their inflexibility. They really feel strongly about this rule. They would not consider granting me an exception for writing a book, again, offering no explanation. It's not rocket science to see that a rule should be in place to keep athletes from competing more than four seasons in any given sport. How this ties to 10 semesters defies logic.

     Given my tendency to rant, and the fact that I will be publishing a book in mid November, I would say that the NCAA has a little over two months to get me a logical explanation..............

Uncle Hans



Anonymous said...

Wild man! Sorry to read about your opening game loss but sometimes you just have to put up the best fight you can even when you know you're going to get your ass kicked and it sounds like your squad did just that. I don't know much about the NCAA thing but in the world of ultra competiveness that we all live in these days, I'm sure there is a long case history of more eligibility stories than D1 athletes currently playing. It sucks to watch your team need you and not be able to play. Hopefully you'll be able to help in other ways. You should have changed your name before joining! Keep your head up and stay proud my man. Uncle Mike and I want to see some full speed tackle drills video posted soon! Your sand team put up a valiant effort yesterday, you would have been proud. Pizza party next week if you can make it. Remember to stay low, square up, and drive!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the kind words. The fun thing about writing a book is it gives you a soapbox to stand on. And you get to scold people who need scolding. The book actually has a few people who get scolded. And it looks like the NCAA will be joining that list.......