Thursday, August 24, 2017

Trinity Bible College

By Uncle Hans

Well I have made it through my first two days of classes. This is probably the final hurdle in this unlikely project. Can I make it as a college freshman at age 65? I have collected five course syllabi for five courses and had a couple of lectures. As you can see, this is at Trinity Bible College in Ellendale North Dakota. I initially picked this school because it is small and it would give me the best chance at participation in the football program.


It is a beautiful small campus with trees and grass abounding. This is the student Union.........


.......... and this is the inside. There are about 220 students.


It is a Christian College and this is the smaller of two chapels. Chapel attendance is daily and mandatory........


  ........... this is the inside of the larger Chapel taken during a chapel service. It seats about 350 so the entire student body and faculty can be present. The presentation is lively and entertaining. The message is upbeat and filters out into all of the educational process throughout each day.

20170823_091830 (1)

This is my schedule. I am a business major. I have run my own business for 35 years, so I should find out what I have been doing wrong. LOL!

        Someone asked me yesterday what it's like to be a college freshman at Trinity Bible College. While I was answering it occurred to me that I am really a freshman in the College Of Life.  We all are, if you think about it.  There are so many interesting things to learn and study.  When you quit learning, then you begin to die.


      Tomorrow at noon I get on the bus for the University of St Mary's in Leavenworth, Kansas. The game is Saturday at noon.  That should be quite a Blog.......

Uncle Hans


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Anonymous said...

Good luck at your first game! Remember... Pain is temporary and Pride is forever!! Uncle Mike and I say make it happen wild man!!!

Anonymous said...


First I gotta survive the 9 HR bus ride...........Yuck!


Norman said...

Hans, if it feels good, you ain't doing it right! Put a Whoopagram on somebody. I know you're at the Bible college, but this isn't the time to "turn the other cheek!" Good luck!

Anonymous said...


I am trying, but the next blog will explain my frustration.....