Friday, August 25, 2017

Triumph Over Technology

By Uncle Hans

This is my first college paper in almost 50 years. We were assigned in a freshman religion class to attend a lecture by a visiting dignitary and report our brief impressions.  Due the next morning at 10:30.


     The first time I was a freshman this would have involved my new Smith Corona electric typewriter that I bought with my graduation money and about 30 to 40 minutes of work.

      I went into frantic mode yesterday and got the technology I needed downloaded on my phone and understood. I used my phone for this paper, and dictated it by voice on Word in 10 minutes. I used a downloaded app named Mobility printing to wirelessly send the paper to a printer in the Student Union over the internet.

Scary, but amazing!

Actually, that sort of sums up my entire experience here, so far......

Uncle Hans


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Norman said...

I'm impressed tech guru!


Anonymous said...


It's really crazy! All my courses are on my phone. All the syllabi are on my phone. All the assignments are listed on my phone. All the readings are listed on my phone. Some of the lectures are reproduced on my phone. All the exercises for my accounting class assignments are on my phone, although I may need to use a PC to have a better keyboard. I don't have a laptop but there are lots of PC's available in the library.

The point is that college is completely different now than when I was in school, and It's All Digital