Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Nikki!!

Happy Birthday Nikki!!!!

How baby is 33...WOW!! Makes one feel kind of old.

Last night at work was really weird. I got to sign up people for the blackjack tournament. Now talk about an easy job. That took up the first 5 hours of my shift. Can't beat that!! Something tells me not to get used to it, but is was nice to have an easy night for a change.

The last two days I have had a really bad cold, complete with a very runny nose and sore throat. Big Sneeze It is really embarrassing to have to stop the blackjack game to blow my nose. Good thing I am feeling better. Hope Rex doesn't catch it..............

This has been a really quiet week. We don't even have anything interesting planned for our days off. I am sure Rex will come up with a plan, he is really good at that.


Nikki said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! It is so cold here on my birthday and i have to work:(