Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This and That

Rex and I had different start times at 2 and him at 4, so I got elected to write the blog. Never mind that I have absolutely no idea of what to write about. So I guess I will just ramble.

Happy Anniversay Billy and Kitty!!Happy Anniversary

Since we got the new TV and DVD player I have been getting a lot of television series on DVD to watch. Mostly I get them from the library (no charge there) but sometimes I get them from Hollywood Video. Right now we have season one of NCIS - one of our favorite series. We also really like Monk. We have seen some of them but right now I have season one on request but so far it hasn't gotten here yet. I also have a request in for season one of Deadwood. Rex will probably like that one more than me, he likes cowboys. I also have been getting the series "24" for our neighbor to watch. Actually I find watching TV series this way is very efficient-NO COMMERCIALS!! Less time!! Works for me!! I just wish they had some of the series on HGTV that I like but no such luck.

I got a letter from my grand daughter, Marissa, today. We are playing a game through the mail. Actually she is earning money for her class trip to Washington, D.C. in May. I send her a letter with a word that she has to look up in the dictionary. She then has to write me back a letter in which she defines the word and uses it in a sentence. If she does that correctly I put $5.00 in a pot for her DC trip. About the only way I have to help her earn some money.....she can't exactly clean out my car or vacuum for me.

I guess this is enough rambling for one blog entry.