Wednesday, January 3, 2007

It's NOT a Wrap!!

Remember last Wednesday when we had the 8:30 AM call from Mohave RV asking where we were?

Well today was the rescheduled last night we got on the EO (early out) list and Rex got out of work at 8 PM and I got out at 9. So we rushed home to get some rest so we could get up at 6 and be at the RV place at 8 AM. I also did some of the things you have to do in the trailer to be able to move vacuumn the carpet, shake the rugs, put down the bedroom TV, etc.
Then it was time to get some sleep so we could be up and at'em. I tossed and turned all night long....looked at my watch at 5 AM turned over and waited for the alarm to ring in an hour. The next time I looked at my watch my indiglo said 7:00 AM....NO must be wrong, the alarm didn't ring!!!!!!!!!! So I yell for Rex to get up and he really moved!! He also was not happy about the alarm clock-he never did like it. It now resides in the garbage.
Needless to say we ran around like chickens trying to get everything done and the trailer hooked up. Fortunately our good friends Dawn and Cole were out for a walk and they helped us. Cole saved Rex at least 10 minutes by helping hook up the truck to the trailer. Somebody was looking out for us. We make it for our 8AM appointment. WOW

They said it would take about 4 hours so we left the camper at the RV repair place and set out to do our list of errands. We went to the bank, Wal-Mart (to get a new alarm clock), Home Depot, and the library.

We killed enough time at the library so that it was time to go get the trailer.

Of course, life being what it is...........there were a few glitches. One was all the electricity was out in entire area of the city where the RV repair place is located. Another glitch, when they opened the replacement skirting it was white.....not goldish like the rest of the trailer. Did we really think all would go smoothly...OF COURSE WE DID!!!

The good news is we could take the trailer home and they can finish installing the skirting at our site tomorrow (but we are not holding our breath on that).
So anyway by the time we hit the second stop light on the way home the power came back on....things are looking up!!

So we get back to the RV I need to say here, Rex has everyone trained here to the fact that he can't back up for shit. So as soon as we pull in two guys are here to assist, except one guy just says "screw it" and jumps in the truck and backs it up himself....saves time!!

Now it is Miller time, oh so sorry Rex, I have to work so I guess it is wine time.......