Friday, January 5, 2007

Put A Cork In It!!

This post may not be suitable for all readers......some may find the content disturbing. So if you are faint of heart or have a problem with, dare I say it..flatulence...please discontinue reading and sign off NOW!

I must admit to suffering from flatulence on occasion(I don't feel so embarrassed since Dr. Oz explained it, and even Oprah suffers from it), Rex has made the comment "put a cork in it".

Since Rex and I have hooked up and he introduced me to the RV lifestyle, he has always said if there is anything I didn't want to do just let him know. In all this time there has been only one area of RV life I refuse to get involved with......I don't do sewer anything.

Every week Rex empties the holding tank (a sewer thing) and fills the tank with water to rinse it. The easiest way to do that is to depress the toilet pedal to fill the tank with water. Well no one is going to hold that pedal down long enough to fill it so we have to find something to hold it down with..

As you can see Rex's first solution to that problem was to carry in a HEAVY battery to hold it down. After getting battery acid on two of his favorite western shirts and wrecking them, he decided to try a different heavy item to hold down the pedal.

I really can't understand why this solution didn't occur to him first. After all beer is near and dear to his heart. The beer works great.

Now there comes a Saturday (which is holding tank emptying day) and we don't have a case of either beer or diet pepsi around. Wow this is a problem, the tank waits for no man.
So he asked me if I could think of something else to use. We as I have mentioned before I do not do sewer stuff.....but I did look the situation over and here is my solution.

PUT A CORK IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!