Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Rex!!

Today is Rex's birthday!!!!!!!!!!! That is for anyone that doesn't know which birthday it is.... I must say he is aging gracefully, of course I get to see him everyday so that is my opinion. A while ago he mentioned a restaurant called Salt Grass that he wanted to go for his birthday so maybe on Thursday or Friday we will get there to celebrate. My backup plan is lobster tails at home....wonder which option will win??? Stay tuned, I'll let you know.


Laura Rechsteiner said...

Happy B-Day Uncle Rex!!
Laura and Barry

Barb said...


Mark & Jayne said...

Happy Birthday a day late to Rex. I'm sure you gu... Happy Birthday a day late to Rex. I'm sure you guys are doing a good job of celebrating. We have been busy moving snow here the last couple of weekends, not much fun. We are going to Dubuque this Saturday, Charlie and Graces kids are having a party for their 60th wedding aniversary and Grace's birthday which is this Wed. Most of the gang from Yellow River is going to be there and we have a block of rooms at a nearby hotel. If you have a chance give us a call on our cell phone (515 205-****) Sat between 2:00 & 7:00 and you can say hi to them.
Don't know if you have responded to any e-mails, if you have I haven't received them I think the City filters them because of some of the attachments.
Keep the birthday celebration going for a while and have a couple for us.
Travel well our friends.
Mark & Jayne Hutchens