Friday, August 25, 2006

Grease or not?

By Mary
Custom Smiley I think I mentioned yesterday that we are trying to get a head start on little chores that need to be done before the trip home. Today on the way home from work, I decided to clean up the Big gASS Grill and put it in the carrying case for the ride home. We got that done except for putting it in the carrying case as it was all wet and needs to air dry first. So THEN Rex decides to grease the wheels, something that should be done twice a year. First he got the grease gun out of the storage shed (truck). Ya know Rex just isn't the mechanical type. Give him a computer or any electronic toy and he is good but mechanical stuff just isn't his forte. Anyway he can't remember how to use the gun so he unscrews the spring end and then we can't get that screwed back on. For some reason we unscrew the other end and a big and I mean BIG gob of grease pops out. This is not going well and Rex is getting really frustrated which isn't fun. While trying to wipe up the grease which squirted out, Rex cut his finger. So in answer to "Grease or Not" is NOT.

We only have 8 days of work left....that means we are in single digits for work..Yea. Well I can't think of anything else to write about today so the countdown is now 11 days to liftoff...