Thursday, August 3, 2006

Paula Fans Unite !!

By Mary
Custom Smiley My day started with a trip to Carson City to have an oil change and go to Wall-Mart. A VERY expensive day for sure. Rex spent his day making English Muffins and getting a hair cut. With my errands in Carson City and browsing Wall-Mart, I didn't get home until almost 5 and it took a good 15 minutes to unload the car and put stuff away.

Now it is time for a normal day off ritual called appetizers!! Rex and I...Paula Dean fans for sure....had a Paula Dean recipe day. Our appetizer "Brie En Croute" was GREAT!! For supper another Paula recipe, "The Best Crab Casserole". Also great!

I mentioned to Rex that we are going to see who reads the blog cuz they get to vote. We are going to write about appetizers that we make between now and then...a picture of two will probably be included, and anyone that reads our blog gets to vote on appetizers we will be preparing at Cheese Days. Just a thought and remember this is a day off and I am typing this at the height of "Happy Hour". (In other words..impaired.)

Oh I almost forgot....we finished the wine web page and posted it, so please visit our web site and check it out!!

Countdown time....33 days to lift off....37 to 38 days until we pull into Wisconsin.....I am so anxious to see everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!