Saturday, August 5, 2006

What ??

By Mary
Custom Smiley You know what happened last night???????????????? It Tahoe. I couldn't believe it..we actually had a boomer. It was a go to town storm. If we had been at Yellow River we would have put the awning up and gone to town to a tavern. But since we are in California and have to sit outside at the taverns (so Rex can smoke) we just stayed home and toughed it out. It didn't last long but the Big gASS grill got wet. Oh well that it just the way it goes.

Wow, thinking about Midwest storms, Yellow River, Motor Mill, and a lot of other Iowa places we have camped really bring to mind some of the storms we have weathered. I remember the time we were camped at Osbourne Welcome Center south of Elkader. Rex was at work when the ranger came by and warned of a bad storm on the I (like a good camping buddy) put the awning up, packed up all the outside stuff, and was ready when Rex got home from work at something like 2 or 3 AM. We ended up spending that night in the parking lot of a truck stop outside Elkader. One of the many adventures we had had. Another time while camped at Motor Mill, again near Elkader, we had a "go to town storm", we ended up in Garnavillo to ride out that storm. Of course by the time we got there, the storm was over but that didn't stop us from having a cocktail or two. In all honesty, it was a real storm and the next day while leaving the campground the road was blocked by a downed tree. While camping at Yellow River, we had several "go to town" adventures. One night Rex was at work during a bad storm. When he got done working he was unable to drive into Little Paint where the camper was parked near the Bench Hole, so he had to walk his stocking feet..not wanting to wreck his dress work shoes. When he got to the camper the water was up to the steps but didn't go into the camper..somebody was looking out for him is all I can say. That happened in the early days of "Rex and Mary" and I was at my Mothers house. The day after I did show up while Rex was at the A frame rinsing the mud out of the blue outdoor rug. A trip down memory lane!!

Our work day was busy today. We had a late start and got out at 10 PM. Tonight was the Sammy Hagar concert and we got tied up in the end of the concert traffic jam. In all honesty I could not, even if my life depended on it, name a Sammy Hagar song. Not that anyone cares but I just thought I would mention it. One item of interest is that Sammy Hagar's son is the manager of his restaurant, Cabo Wabo, located in the casino we are working at.

OK, I have rambled and walked down memory lane quite enough for one day and it is countdown time...31 days to liftoff...and 35 to 36 days until we get to Wisconsin...I am SO ready!!