Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Reflections on the Lake

By Mary
Custom Smiley My actual mood is pensive...but angelfire doesn't have that selection...
As we are winding down the 2006 season at Lake Tahoe, I am taking a moment to reflect on our summer here. It is impossible not to compare 2005 to 2006. Last summer we did a LOT more hiking, but we also worked less hours in June last year so we had more time to hike. It is something I really missed this year. This year, in addition to working 5 days a week we didn't have consecutive days off. Split days off makes it hard to plan activities, especially if the day following your day off is a 6AM start. That means you have to go to bed really early so you can get up at 4AM. Oh well,the primary reason we are in Lake Tahoe is to earn enough money to go home and we will work whatever hours they give us to make that happen!

In late July we did get a couple of weeks where we had consecutive days off. One of those weeks we planned our trip to Placerville and the wineries. That is one trip I am really enjoyed and I really like the web page Rex made of that trip.

It is impossible not mention summer weather at the Lake. It is perfect...we wore shorts everyday but NEVER ran the air conditioner. It rained once this summer so blue skies and sunshine every day. Another wonderful aspect is NO humidity....AND...the number ONE best thing about summer weather at Lake Tahoe is NO BUGS!! That's right no flies and no mosquito's. So is it any wonder why I say summer weather at Lake Tahoe is PERFECT?? I am looking forward to leaving because I am anxious to see my family....but no doubt about it, next year I will be ready to come back the The Lake again.