Monday, August 21, 2006

"Your mission........."

By Mary
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..."if you choose to accept it..." Anyone remember what show that statement is from?
Anyway yesterday Rex gave me a challenge and that old phase from Mission Impossible came to mind. And the challenge come up with a foil pack of something to go with the grilled pork roast we are having for supper tonight. Oh great, he doesn't eat anything that would be good in a foil pack. I could think of lots of good things in the vegetable category that would be great.

So I put my thinking hat on and came up with something that has stuff Rex likes in it. I made mashed potatoes mixed with grated mozzarella cheese. Then I rolled them out in a thin layer, put grilled potabello mushrooms, grilled onion, bacon, and grated swiss cheese on them. I rolled the potatoes with this filling up jelly roll fashion and on the grill it goes. Oh I also brushed the outside of the "jelly roll" with olive oil. As I am writing this it is cooking so on tomorrows blog I'll let you know if it is good or not.

Today was laundry day and some general cleaning. We also got the rest of the info moved from the desktop to the laptop and packed it up for the trip home. NOW we actually have room on the table top to actually eat on it AND room underneath the table. We could Even make the table into a bed for a grandkid now!! IMAGINE THAT!!

Last night I was chatting with Nikki and she sent me some pictures via photo share...unfortunately this is the only picture that had my FIVE grand daughters in it. I say unfortunately because Delilah is mostly hidden behind the plant. Oh well I am posting it anyway. I will have to put Delilah on a different day so we can actually see her.

Must be countdown time...15 days to lift off!! AND I should be hugging those grand daughters in 19 or 20...can't wait!!