Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MY Tool Box

I am a little "anal retentive". Ok I admit it. A "few" (actually at least 15 and maybe as much as 20) years ago, I bought myself a tool box. As everyone knows, there are many occassions that a person needs a hammer, pliers, screw driver, or whatever so when I saw this tool box at Shopko, I bought it.

This is what my tool box looks like, it is molded plastic with a spot for everything that is in it.

As I mentioned this tool box is old, but I have done a really great job of hanging onto all of the tools. I make sure that they are put away as soon as I am finished with them. As you can see SOMETHING IS MISSING!!

Rex used my tape measure and...

this is what it looked like when he was finished with it!! I think he over extended it. So after a trip to Hardware Hank...

I have a new one to put in the slot.


Anonymous said...

Poor Rex....she is obsessed...remember the metal crate...is that how you spell it...that was run over....boy at least you could replace the tape measure...lucky you!!!