Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Box!!

Ok, so I have been tormenting people about the box for a couple of weeks. The time has come for me to reveal I promised. The box left the desert last Thursday November 29th.

See those containers???? Three mayo jars and one ziplock plastic container?? See what they are filled with??? Looks like money to me. Well it is. On December 4th, 2006, my daughter Nikki quit smoking. At that time I decided to put a dollar a day in a jar for her, and if she made it a year, I would mail her the containers.

Obviously, she made it a year and the containers are in the box and in the mail!!

Quitting smoking is not easy...I should know having done it myself, and I felt Nikki should be rewarded for such an accomplishment!! I am also proud of myself for not telling ANYONE about doing this until was really tough not to tell Chad or Heather I was doing this!!



Anonymous said...

I have been a nonsmoker for 1 year today!!!!! Gotta get out and shovel out my car and off to work now....winters in WI!