Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Decoration?

Did we have a busy day or what?? First of all today (Sunday) we had to get all of our weekend chores done because tomorrow (Monday) we are going to Vegas to pick up Rex's mother. She will be spending most of the winter in Bullhead City. We are really looking forward to her visit.

So back to the busy day we had......Rex got up first to watch the Packer game, unfortunately the Fox affiliate chose to show the Steelers game!! So we had to be content with Internet updates.....that sucks but at least we knew what was going on. While the game wasn't on, I started the laundry and Rex got coffee into his system. I don't know if I have mentioned this before or not, but Rex is not a real amiable person until he gets coffee into his system so we usually let him get up first!! That saves a lot of conflict.

After the expected Packer win, we went on our "run". The run consisted of a trip to two banks (for Vegas spending money) and to Wal-Mart for stuff we wanted to put in the Arizona car, such as new mats, a cup holder, and Febreze to get rid of the yucky smell.

Since it had been a while since we had an executive meeting to discuss upcoming events, we decide to stop at "Cocktails" for meeting inducements!! I had along my notepaper and pen for we are now organized for tomorrow and partially for "Vegas 80". We enjoy our brain storming sessions and usually they are productive and today's was no exception.

Then it was home to make supper and finish getting the Honda ready for the Vegas trip ...I am SO excited to go to Trader Joe's tomorrow and my list is long. I really love that store!!

Oh and I did manage to get the Christmas decorations is a picture!!

And I don't want to forget to add.....Happy 9th Birthday to Mackenzie Besl!!! (Did anyone notice that this is the third birthday this week??)