Saturday, December 1, 2007

What's Up With That??

We woke up this morning to dreary skies and raindrops...wait, aren't we in the desert?? Where the sun always shines?? Rex goes to to check the weather. Rain predicted for this area for the next TWO days!! That is just unheard of here. Guess the Arizona car is going to need another washing.

Yesterday, my nephew Todd, called to see if we could make a bet on the Packer game for him. So off I went to the Avi Sports Book to make a $50 bet on the money line. So sad they didn't win and even worse the injury Bret suffered. We sure are sending good thought out to him....

The RV park is having a craft sale here on Saturday the 8th so I have been knitting dish clothes on my breaks at work and will also take some of my jewelry. Hopefully will make some money to put in the Belize fund. If the weather stays crummy maybe I will do some baking too. I love to bake but don't very often because I shouldn't eat it.

Today I am making sweet potato bread in the bread machine. It is one of Rex's favorites. The other day I make a bran bread which is OK but he doesn't like my "chunky" breads.

I was surprised last night when one of my players recognized me from Lake Tahoe this summer. That is one of the fun aspect of working in two different locations. People that you see in both places. Always a surprise!!