Saturday, December 15, 2007


I am sure I have mentioned, on more than one occasion, how much I like the Laughlin Library. They have a lot of activities in addition to the usual fare of books, movies, audio books, magazines, etc. They have lectures about the history of the area, the local flora and fauna, the Indian Tribe native to the area, etc, etc.

I have taken a couple of classes, one on rock painting, and another one in which we painted on glass...specifically we painted a glass container to put olive oil in. I guess for some strange reason I think I should be a painter because Wednesday morning I took another painting class. Actually I keep trying something different hoping to stumble onto something that I like and can actually do. A tall order!! This one was acrylic on canvas. The instructor paints like Bob Ross, the guy on PBS that paints with a regular 2 inch paint brush. So after 2 hours of class this is what I had to show for it...

Not too terrible for a first attempt and I enjoyed it. The instructor is having a class in January I plan to take, during which we will paint a desert scene. As far as this scene goes...this is as close to snow as I plan to get this winter!

Another service we have been using heavily at the library is their e-media. We download books to the laptop, transfer it to the MP3 player, and listen to them whenever we want. In fact I take mine to work and listen during breaks. That way I am not forced to watch either sports or news channels in the break room. I can easily listen while I knit.

Oh, remember the dish cloths I was knitting for the RV Park craft show last Saturday?? I am happy to report that I sold all the ones I made. I also sold about $100 of magnetic jewelry. All in all worth being sleep deprived at work Saturday night!!

Happy Birthday to Maxine Loeding!!!!

OOPS.................this blog entry was originally scheduled to be posted on Friday Dec. 14th which is Maxine's birthday...but for some reason Rex posted a different one. Now I am in the doghouse with Nikki because we didn't wish Maxine birthday wishes....hate it when a plan doesn't go together!!


Anonymous said...

Nice painting. Way to go on the craft sale, too. I can almost hear the Belize fund growing!!


Anonymous said...

Thats a pretty pic ..wonder why you picked snow??? Yeah Maxines birthday.always getting put off a day......not very nice;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like my ass could do better.

Its horrible.