Thursday, December 6, 2007

I love my Mother:) Shes the greatest!!!!!

It is my one year anniversary being a nonsmoker....BIG pat on the back there:) I did not set any money aside that i would have saved being a nonsmoker, but that total would be around $1300!!!!! WOW!
I now wonder where i got the money to smoke..........Anyway the box...ya'll know what box i'm talking about......My Mother is the greatest and is the most thoughtful person in the world..........her being a fellow nonsmoker.....(it was nice to drive 2223.3 miles with someone who doesn't smoke) remembered that i quit a year ago December 5th and put $1 a day into a jar and mailed it to me as my reward so to speak!!!!!!

The taunting she has been doing with the box was filled with 4 jars of $1's!!!!!! I was at the post office in my car ripping that open and once inside i was crying and i couldn't stop for like an hour...happy tears are the best...i was just soooooo very surprised!

I Love you mom you really truly are my best friend and biggest supporter and thank you for that!!!! And my Maxiner throwing her 2 cents in:)

Now is there any reason i should send the empty jars back????? Thank you soooo much Mother!

"20 and lots of snow"



Anonymous said...

wait i got the miles wrong it was closer to 3000 miles:)