Thursday, December 27, 2007

Damn Pit Bull

The long Christmas weekend is now over and I got a call from Rusty's Autobody this afternoon, the adjuster from Progressive Insurance was there to look at my car. The pit bull did $1,496.67 worth of damage of which I have to pay $250. AND because there is another holiday weekend coming up, they are saying they hope to have my car repaired next Friday....anyone want to take odds on that?? This is not fun...I really, really, really miss my car!!!

We have tomorrow (Thursday) off because we have to work Sunday for the big holiday weekend. I am not sure I am physically able to work on a Sunday, -it's been a long time-I do know for sure I won't like it. Anyway back to Thursday, we have a full day of errands scheduled. We will be picking up Rex's Mother to go with us. So far we have to go to Laughlin to the library and to Needles to get California lottery tickets. I sure wish we'd win one of these times!! Then if the wind isn't blowing we'll hit the grocery store for stuff to make pizzas on the grill. We haven't have them for a long time and they just sound good!!

One last thought for the day:

Happy Birthday to Kitty Wilkinson!!