Sunday, January 6, 2008

2007 Revisited

I need to go back to 2007. I was justifiably chastised for not mentioning the birth of two grandsons in 2007. It wasn't that I forgot about them, but Rex had just talked about it in his year end blog. So I am apologizing to Randy J and Joey for not including their arrival in my 2007 blog!!
Now I am to talk about the exciting news I got in November. After work on November 13th the following e-mail was in our inbox:

"Dear Mary,

I read an article yesterday on MSNBC about adoptive parents and children and came across a website to see adoption contacts. Based on all the information I have, I believe you must be my birth mother. My name is Dave and I will be 32 years old tomorrow. I was raised in Janesville, Wisconsin and have lived in Colorado for nine years now. I am married (no kids) and I am an accountant.

Please let me know if you receive this email since I noticed that your post was made in 2001. I am agreeable to finding out about you and my birth family.



How exciting and wonderful to have gotten this e-mail and yes I am Dave's birth mother. Since this first e-mail we have e-mailed back and forth. Of course, Dave and his wife, Jean, are now daily blog readers and that has really helped them get to know us.

Today was a milestone...Rex and I actually got to meet Dave and Jean. They have come to Laughlin to visit us and I am thrilled!! Today we had lunch, and I mentioned that we would like to put this wonderful news on the blog...and they said, ya we've been waiting to see it there. Cool!!

Tomorrow we are going though 32 years of pictures and I am so looking forward to that!!

Welcome to the family Dave and Jean!!


Anonymous said...


It's 0600 here and I had to read that blog entry three times to get what it said. WOW!! What a story!. I hope you have fun and joy with the pictures and beyond.......


Heather said...

How exciting!! I am glad you guys were able to meet.

Anonymous said...

wow..the fur coat made it out of the closet;) That is a great picture and i am glad you guys got together!! How exciting!!!

saucersrus said...

What a way to start the new year!! It's so awesome they made the trip out to meet you. I'm sure you will enjoy the vist :)


Anonymous said...

When do we get to see Rexs smiling face??????!!

arn2dee2 said...

Hi Mary, Congratulations on your new addition to your family.I also gave a son up for adoption in 1975
I would like to know how you posted your name and info so yours could find you. I would love to do the same and hope for the same results. Thanks, Dee M.