Thursday, January 3, 2008


2007 has now passed into the history books.....another year gone. How fast time goes!! Whoever said "time marches on" sure knew what he was talking about. I sure have noticed that I get older faster every year!!

So I just wanted to take the time to look back on 2007 and think about what will make 2007 memorable for me.

I was blessed to be able to spend time in the both spring and fall in Wisconsin. I love going home and seeing my family. My grandchildren especially change so much from year to year. Our neighbor Steve says he really doesn't have any place that he thinks of as home....for some reason I think that is somewhat sad. No matter where I go or how long I stay away, Wisconsin will always be home for me.

I also got to travel across country with four of my favorite people. Heather flew to Laughlin and rode home with me in late April. She and I travel really well together and always find plenty to talk about and laugh about. Then on the way back West Delilah rode with me. It was really nice to get to know my 13 year old grand daughter better. She was really agreeable to everything I suggested and not the "moody" teenager she could have been. It was also fun to show her Lake Tahoe, Virginia City, and the Carson City area. Then in late September Nikki came to Lake Tahoe to ride back to Wisconsin with me. It was fun to do some of the same things with her that I did with her daughter a few months earlier. We also took the same route to Wisconsin that Delilah and I traveled in May. It also gave Nikki and Delilah something to talk about, seeing the same countryside. I think Nikki and I had a good time, at least we laughed a lot. Then Rex rode back to Laughlin with me. We always travel well together, but the new twist on this trip is that we were in the same vehicle....usually I am following "Big Red" and the trailer and we are talking by radio. We got to do a little sight seeing to boot, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon. I am so privileged to be able to see all of these beautiful places.

In August Chad came to visit Lake Tahoe. We had a great time showing him Lake Tahoe and Virginia City. Chad and I also managed a day trip to Placerville to visit the wineries and also a small brewery. I always have a good time visiting with Chad. He is an interesting conversationalist and we both have some same interest so we have good conversations.

In September we were expecting a one day visit from Rex's brother and sister-in-law, Neil and Kathy. Neil had a business meeting in San Francisco and they would drive up and see us for the day. They showed with a great surprise.....Rex's brother Hans and his wife Wendy also came to see us. We spent a really fun day on a tour around the Lake, all 72 miles of it. Kathy even got us a tour of the tunnel Frank Sinatra used to come and go at the casino he used to own in Incline Village. It wasn't open for a public tour the day we were there but Kathy talked one of the security people into showing it to us.

Another wonderful thing that happened in 2007 is that my Mother got out of the nursing home.....for that I am so thankful. She is a remarkable person!

In November I got some really exciting news that I can't really talk about now but hope to in the near future.

All in all 2007 was a good year. We started and ended it with our health and what could be better than that!!


Anonymous said...

What a year you've had!!!..did you forget one BIG thing...that you have a new grandson;) Randy J.......hes a highlight!