Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Visit

We met Dave and Jean at 10 AM to go through some pictures...I was really interested in seeing baby pictures and pictures of all the highlights of his life. They (Jean) did a really a really good job of bringing a variety of picture albums.

I must say Dave was really patient in going through them with me and explaining what was what and who was who. I appreciated it!

So after looking at the pictures, we decided it was time for lunch and went to the new place in town "Buffalo Wild Wings". Coincidently, it is one of Dave's favorite places. So after lunch and a few cocktails and beers, Rex and I decided maybe we better ditch the cars, get a room, and continue with the beers and cocktails. So basically that is what we did.

As the night wore on, Rex decided he was ten feet tall and bullet proof. We had a great time hitting several of the casino bars in Laughlin and also had both Jean and Dave "throw the dice". I think Jean and Dave finally called it a night about 1:30 AM when Pauly showed up. Rex and I visited with Pauly and admired his new truck, calling it a night about 2:30.

Monday we went to Oatman and believe me...there wasn't anyone ten feet tall and bullet proof that day. We were all very tired. We did the tourist thing in Oatman but for some reason the burros weren't there. First time I have ever been in Oatman without the burros.

We had lunch at the Hotel where they have dollars bills all over the walls, ceiling, and every other space people can find. After lunch we decided to have a farewell drink at one of our favorite bars. Then Dave and Jean went to get rested up for their long trip back home.

Thank you Dave and Jean so much for coming to visit. It really meant a lot to me!!