Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday Night Live

It's Saturday Night!!

Hard to believe it's Saturday night and I am home. Rex had to work but not me....tells you something about how bad business is doesn't it?? Oh well can't do much about that.

Since I had the day off I did the laundry as soon as I got up, so I don't have to worry about it the next 2 days while we are both off. But Rex's parting comment tonight for tomorrow,OK?? Ya sure, although I usually have to do some serious thinking first.

So after laundry I made a trip to the Laughlin Library since I had series three of "Boston Legal" to pick up. I would recommend Boston Legal to is hysterical. Then I did some general shopping so I don't have to do that the next 2 days either. I also stopped in to check on Rex's Mother and let her know we will be picking her up for a road trip tomorrow. I think we are going to Lake Havasu but am not positive on that.

I got home just in time for Rex to leave for work. So I did the most logical thing I could, went next door to Steve and Meryl's for cocktails. Actually the "Boston Legal" DVD's are for Steve. He loves the series and I get them for him to watch.

After "Happy Hour" next door I came home to make my supper salad. I really love to bake but really should not eat that stuff so I decided to fire up the bread machine and make a new recipe. So now I am enjoying the aroma of "garlic Parmesan bread". Smells really, really good!!

I have been trying to think of different blog topics, one idea is "what's in a name?" But it really is not lengthy enough for a stand alone blog so will include it here.

I really love creative business names. In Lake Tahoe there is a florist shop called "The Enchanted Florist".....I can't help it, every time I see that sign, I get a little thrill. Then there is the Thai restaurant called "Thai One On", while it doesn't thrill me the same way, I do like that one also. In Carson City there is a wine shopped called "D'Vine Wine Tasting". Like that one too, but my favorite by far is "The Enchanted Florist".

When Rex and I go places and introduce ourselves, I like to give people a little hint to help them remember our names. It goes like this...Rex rhymes with sex, and Mary, the name of a Virgin. This usually gives people a reference that makes it easy for them to remember us and also a chuckle or two. One day I told this guy our names and how to remember he went home and told his wife that he had just met "Sexy Rexy and Cherry Mary"....sure meet a lot of wits in RV parks!!