Sunday, January 27, 2008


It’ s Saturday Night…In Vegas Baby!!

Oh my Saturday rolled around and while some of the 14 member group was dragging, mostly the young’ens, the golden oldies were in fine form and raring to go.

In the morning we did a walk about downtown to find a location for the birthday brunch. After checking at several places, the brothers decided on the Sunday Brunch at Main Street Station. So we have that arrangement made…and Paul’s has the cake taken of so we are in great shape.

After some discussion, a group of 9 decided to go to Paul’s and see his condo and of course, Bailey the dog. Two of the ones that remained behind had tickets to the Miss America pageant at Planet Hollywood. The other two are newlyweds and no one really asked their plans…..

After seeing Paul’s very nice condo and having snacks and beers there, it was back to the strip to wait for the 10 PM Blue Men show at the Venetian. Paul’s group of buddies were able to secure comped tickets for the entire group to see the Blue Men. It definitely pays to have friends in Vegas!!

So what to do while waiting the four hours until the show. So what are the free visual shows in Vegas, we ended up hanging around the Wynn to see the free light show there and if you are going to Vegas anytime soon, frankly, this free show isn’t even worth what you pay for it. The Bellagio fountains, the Mirage Volcano, and even the Siren show at Treasure Island are much more enjoyable.

Anyone that has been in a casino with Rex knows how he likes craps “virgins”. Last night the lucky and I do mean LUCKY virgin was Hans’ daughter Hannah. I really don’t know exactly how much money was won by everyone smart enough to have bets on the table but I heard Rex made about $1,400. Way to go Hannah!!

I admit it, I am a light weight when it comes to these all nighters, so quite frankly, I bailed and went back to the Fitz about 10 PM. On the other hand, Rex is not a light weight and he rolled in about 6:30 AM. Which seemed like a good idea then, but at 10 AM not so much. I think the birthday celebration and brunch is going to be a long day for him…