Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here's The Scoop

Wow...the response to the blog about Dave is amazing..I have actually heard from 2 other women that placed children for adoption and want to know how we did it so they can have the same happy experience. I will be putting that web address later in this post.

Anyway I want to tell the story about this whole situation. I have the feeling that people think Dave is a "love child" and the result of a one night stand or something. That is not the case at all.

In 1975 after being married to John since 1967, I was more than ready to divorce him. I had a 7 year old boy, a 3 year old girl, and a 22 month old girl. What I didn't have was enough money to properly care for them. So being pregnant again was a cause of great heart ache for me. What was I going to do? I knew that John would really not be in the picture much. After much soul seaching, I felt the best thing I could do for the four people that deserved any consideration was to place the baby for adoption. I truly had to take emotion out of the process and deal only with the cold, hard facts.

I do have to say, then as now, I have NEVER regretted making the decision I did. In fact since meeting Dave, I am more sure than ever that I did the best thing for him. I am a very honest person and totally know my limitations and realized that in truth, I am not a "kid " person. If I could take a magic wand and change that fact about me I would, but I can't. I totally love my children and would do anthing for them, but love isn't the only thing they need and I was lacking in that department.

And truth be told, I always felt we would meet someday. He was in my thoughts a lot and over the years I have collected lots of articles about adoption. I have a whole file folder full. Anyway in 2001, while web surfing I came across this website,, and ultimately, that is where Dave found me.

So all I know for sure is that this experience has been really exciting and I am thrilled with the outcome!! There is an element of contentment in my soul that was not there before and I am very grateful.


StrawBoss said...

You are the epitome of MOTHER-I commend you for loving your child that much.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful story and i am glad you have some peace of mind;)