Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Being so far from home during the Christmas holidays is something we've gotten used to over the years. Last year we had a change for those Holidays. My 80 year young mother came to the Mohave Valley to spend the cold days of winter here, instead of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We got to thinking about making her winter accommodations more festive since she arrived before Christmas and would also be enjoying warm weather instead of family and friends.

Our solution was 1-800-Flowers and an Amaryllis plant. The plant immediately brighten her two room suite, gave her something to care for, and provided her with the most amazing Holiday flower blooms. It was the gift that just kept on giving during her three month winter stay.

This is just our story, but if you have a situation where you can send Flowers for the holidays, check out this link:

Christmas gift baskets

My Mother enjoyed her Christmas Flowers and plant for the whole three months !!! Do it now !!! And make somebodies Winter a bit brighter and enjoyable.

Christmas gift baskets