Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy 70th Birthday Billy!!

Today my big brother turns 70--god can that be right??? How did we all get to be so old?? I guess that is what years flying by will do to us!

Since Billy is quite a bit older than me (a fact that I never let anyone forget), he seemed to get the child care duty while I was growing up, at least I remember tagging along to card parties, car races in Darlington, and roller skating. What I don't remember is him ever acting like it was a chore to watch me or that I was in the way......not bad for a big brother.

Billy's name is sort of interesting. My Mother's name is Wilma and she is the second oldest of seven children, she is also the second daughter. As is often the case, since her parents already had a girl, they sort of wanted a boy (so the story goes anyway). So they named her Wilma and called her Billie, her siblings still call her either Billie or Bill. Calling my brother Billy could get confusing so he was know as "Billy-Boy". Just love those old family stories!! Of course that could explain why Billy has always given everyone a nickname......and no I am not telling anyone mine!!

Recently I was at my nephew, Todd's, house and he mentioned that he had been at the farm the week before. He also mentioned that his Dad is in really good problem climbing up and down on tractors.....those tall, skinny, wire-ery guys sure stay in shape!!

Over the years Billy has done a lot of nice things for me....and one of the best things he did for me was to introduce me to Kitty!!

Thanks Billy, all in all you have been a pretty good big brother!! Have a great birthday....

One more thought for the day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!!