Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Salvation Army

Oh's that time of year when just about every store you go into has a bell ringer with those red plastic pails on tripods stationed at the front door.

What is your technique in avoiding them??? At all cost DO NOT make eye contact with the bell ringer!! Rush by mumbling "I'll catch you on my way out". "Sorry I don't have any change". Go in and out the side door if there is one?? I have used them all.

A few years ago my daughter, Nikki, worked at the Salvation Army. What a lot of really sad stories she told....people more than down on their luck, people just devastated by life. True there was quite a few drunks and scoundrels looking for a handout and a free meal or maybe a clean bed for a night or two. But there was also young children, through no fault of there own, that were there. I remember that on more than one occasion, Nikki would bring a child home and make them a cake for their birthday so they would at least not miss out on that experience another year.

So now when I go in a store with a bell ringer standing in front of the entrance, I put something in that little plastic pail.....even if it is just a hand full of change or a dollar--I figure something is better than nothing. It all adds up!! Tis the season ater all ...