Thursday, December 4, 2008


Remember last year when we took out the stereo system and replaced it with a rack that holds nine bottle of wine??? That modification created another problem...where do the wine glasses go?? So many months later, after thinking this situation over, I had my plan in place for my "wine glass rack".

Step one was to buy a piece of wood 12"x4"x3/4". Then I needed to sand it which I did in the Arizona sunshine.

Step two was to walk over to the neighbors, Marty and Sandy's, and borrow a can of Min Wax to stain my chunk of wood. Then I obviously stained my wood.

I purchased the actual metal rack online last summer while we were in Lake has been waiting to go to work every since.....never fear, the day has arrived!! It got screwed to my sanded, stained piece of wood.

Now I have placed my new wine glass rack in the cupboard next to the wine this picture it is being held in place with wooden wedges until the adhesive strips set and hold.

The finished product.....doesn't it look nice?? It actually holds three glasses, but one of them wasn't empty... Cheers!!