Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Rex!!

Happy Birthday to Rex....January 22, 1949. Oops, guess that means today marks 60 years. So what do you get the guy that has everything for his 60th birthday? Ummmmmmmm, last year I have him one Belize point ($25.00), but for 60 that just seemed not to have the immediate gratification I wanted for him. So this is my solution:

Based on Rex's lack of hearing ability, I thought this would be a useful gift.

This is what it looks like out of the box and in it's cute little carrying case.

This is how it looks on his ear. Be sure to get a good look at this picture, because based on how it's going, this will probably be your only chance to see it on.

Happy Birthday Rex!!


Anonymous said...

Did ya get on for yourself too Mom??? That is a great gift!!! WOW!!! Happy Birthday Rex!!!!!! And happy hearing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Let me know how that thing works. I am interested, you, know, ummm, yeah, for a friend!! Happy 60th.


Anonymous said...

Was thinking ya shouldn't have told any body about the hearing aid..should have just let Rex hear what people say about him....hehehe! Just kidding! People would only have nice things to say about you Rex!!!

saucersrus said...

I'm surprised you got the photo op!! I think it's a great idea and hope he comes around to taking part in actual "conversation" :) Love you dad!!!