Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday, Thursday

Rex has put me in charge of Thursday blogs. This has not been a problem the last few weeks, but today it is sort of a problem. I really didn't plan anything to blog about. What's that saying? "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"? I don't exactly want to fail to post something but I confess, I didn't have a blog ready so I just filling up space with randomness. Is it working so far??

Actually when I left for work last night, I told Rex I was going to come home and search the Internet until I found a suitable picture to use for today's blog.....he gets away with a picture. Of course I can't really complain about the picture, it is of two of my favorite people, my grand daughters, Delilah and Maxine.

Unfortunately for us, the casino has reverted to it's preholiday lack of players this week. It's been really hard to get hours. I have been sent home with only six hours the last two days. While that sucks, I am grateful to be employed at all. I do have to commend our casino, The Avi, for trying to increase business. While other Laughlin casinos have cancelled their blackjack and slot tournaments, The Avi has been adding more. That actually helps bring in players so I am hoping business improves.

So what's on tap for the rest of the week?? Well tomorrow I have an appointment to have a hair cut. Then I am picking up Jean (Rex's Mom) for lunch. Don't know where we are going yet but I am sure we will have a good time. Going out to lunch is one of my favorite things!!