Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Time For Sleep

How can you tell it's January? The right answer is by all the programs out there telling us it's the perfect time for a new start....time to be healthier. And one of the most important components to a healthy lifestyle is sleep. Yes, being kind to ourselves includes getting a good night's sleep.

That, of course, brings up the subject of
beds. Selecting the best place to lay your weary body is one of your most important decisions, after all you spend approximately one third of your life in bed. Time4Sleep beds has a large enough selection to satisfy the "inner designer" in all of us. One of my personal favorites is the leather bed, but if that is a little masculine for you, the choices range from simple to elaborate.

beds come in the following sizes: Standard Double, King Size, and Super King Size. The exact dimensions can be found on their website. Children's beds with innovative designs are also available.

In addition to
beds, Time4Sleep has a wide selection of necessary accessories. Headboards and bedroom furniture are found in the accessory section. The accessories also include memory foam pillows to pair with their incredible memory foam mattresses for the best nights sleep of your life!