Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!

Here we are starting out with a new year!! 2009 already, hard to believe we are close to having a decade down in the new millennium. I used to think that years went by I think decades do!!

Did everyone go out and celebrate last night?? Anyone suffering from a hangover?? I worked and the way things are going, I am grateful to have a job to go to.

Can't have a New Year's blog without mentioning resolutions now can I? I am proud to say that this is the SEVENTH New Year's Day that I have not had "quit smoking" at the top of my resolution list...that is because I celebrated my 6th anniversary of being smoke free on the 30th of December!! In all honesty quitting smoking is absolutely one of my proudest achievements.

Now on to my perpetual resolution......weight Oprah, I can't believe I am still fighting this battle. Been fighting it for 45 years at least!! I must really like this battle because it never ends!!

What will 2009 bring? Too bad we don't have a crystal ball or maybe that is a good thing. There are more "doom and gloom" situations than I can even think about. I sincerely hope every one's high hopes for life with our new president come true!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!