Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dog Pound

By Susie-Q

Sound the alarm !!! Today the Happy Campers boxed me up in the“Cat Garage” and loaded me into the back seat of the Honda. Now what? Like Rex, I don’t like to be separated from the camper, and all my stuff.

It was a long trip, reminded me of my first trip five weeks ago when they brought me home.  Hey, where is my feeder, water, and my sand box?

dog pound 001

OH MY GOD !!! It’s the Dog Pound !!! I don’t believe it !! I’ve been good, come on guys, give me a break, I’m just a youngster. P-L-E-A-S-E …….. don’t send me back to the Dog Pound!!!

This isn’t looking good.  The over-flow cages in the hallway are full, Mary’s at the window doing paperwork.

dog pound 002

I’m still with Rex in my Cat Garage. Really this Cat Garage isn’t such a bad place.  I’ll even quit whining about it!

I guess this is The End, the Animal Control Officer took me and the Cat Garage into the back room.  She removed me from the Cat Garage and immediately gave me a couple of shots in the butt. OUCH !!!

Hey wait …….

She returned me to the Cat Garage instead of the hallway cages. Look the Happy Campers are still here, and everybody is smiling.

dog pound 005

Turns out they just brought me back to Animal Control for some free cat shots, including a Rabies shot.  They donated a couple of bags of cat food they got at Petco after they returned that God awful pet bed.

It turned out to be a terrible day, spending 6 hours in the Cat Garage and car doing errands in Las Vegas, but even with a sore ass from the shot, it’s good to be back home with the Happy Campers!!


Tony Cornett aka Firedude said...

Now that was too darn funny lol!!!