Friday, July 24, 2009

Junk Drawer

A few years ago we had a web site on which we posted pictures of all of our travels. It was easier to share pictures with people if we just posted them to the web site. That way people could look at them when and it they wanted to. Although we haven’t updated the pictures on the site it is still up and the address is:

Sometimes we would have pictures that we wanted to share but didn’t fit in any particular category so we put them on the “junk drawer” page. I mention this only because this is sort of a “junk drawer” blog.

Since we have moved to our current summer camp site, the work commute has gone from 10 miles to 22. That can be a really long drive at 2, 3, or 4 AM. And to make it even worse we see stuff running across the road that really grosses me out. We don’t see animals like deer, opossum, or raccoon….no we see animals like coyotes, jack rabbits, and MICE. Yes mice actually run across the road here. I just can’t believe it!!

When we first came up with a mouse problem, that was devastating to me. I am the screaming woman on a table top when it comes to mice. Don’t know why because snakes, spiders, and bugs don’t bother me but rodent things really get to me. That is why Susie came into our lives and camper. I do have to say that Rex and Susie have done a wonderful job of handling that problem. I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen a mouse in this camper…..not even a picture of one.

I have been kind of closed mouth about the cat. Just not much of a pet person but I do have to say that Susie sure has entertained us with her kitten antics. Her graceful leaps and bounds are something to see. When we first got her, naming her was the first problem…a people name or a pet name?? Of course with some of the names people come up with for their kids, I’m not sure you can tell anymore. For some reason Susie sort of rolled off my tongue and it stuck.

I found it really funny that Susie seemed pick out her own place to sleep and that place was on the pillow right on top of Rex’s head. I thought I’d take a picture to show you where she sleeps…

heat blog 001

Think I startled Rex much??? But, but, I really needed the flash….