Thursday, July 2, 2009

I’m Home

By Susie-Q

susie 029

I learned a lot on that hot car trip across the Mohave Desert.  It seems my purpose in life is to keep the mice out of the camper. Failure or or any unacceptable behavior will result in something called “Coyote Bait”.

A couple of phone calls were made to get advice on kitten training. The first call was Uncle Neil, who described the squirt gun training method, and what “fun” it is to correct mistakes in behavior. Not sure I’m going to like that “Uncle Neil” fellow!!!

The second call was Steve, and I liked his advice much better, which was to teach me the word “NO”. I think Steve and I are going to be great pals!!

In the end, I helped them out a little, and had them make a stop at the Laughlin library for this book.

cat 003

One thing for sure, becoming “Coyote Bait” is to be avoided. I made a plan in my head to put on the cutest kitten show of my life once I was released from this box!!

On my release in the camper I found they created a Cat Hut under the table in the camper. WOW, is this cool, look at that, a my size sand box, and food vending tower with at least 10x my body weight in dry cat food!! They only have to feed me once a month at the most. But look at that cat bed? I haven’t seen anything that ugly color since the 1970’s.

I put my plan into action, and made a stop at the feeder, water bowl, and climbed into my sand box to shit and piss.  Better suck up to Mary, she signed my papers, and named me “Susie-Q”.

cat 004

Man I’ve had a couple of ruff days, Major surgery, freedom from the dog pound, all in all, a lot of stress !!! I need a Cat Nap Now!!  So I continued the short version of the kitten show and curled up in that God Ugly cat bed in my new Cat Hut, under the table for a nap.

I slept with one eye open, to keep an eye on the Happy Campers. Strange, they are filling a flask with Jack Daniels to smuggle into the beer bar in Oatman. Hmmm, a couple of rule breakers, I may fit in just fine. While they were on their run to Oatman I enjoyed my nap and slept so soundly that I didn’t even dream about coyotes.

A few hours later I awoke to to the delicious smell of fried pork chops and fried rice with shrimp.  I got to get up, and checkout that fried rice!! I forgot my manners and immediately jumped and climbed up on the table to taste that rice. “NO”, was the response, at all 20 of my attempts, but my lucky day continued and there was no sign of that green squirt bottle weapon.

After supper I took my first computer and blogging lesson.

susie 035

This is easy. All you have to do is read the book.

susie 036

One more story, and I’ll let you get back to work, or go check your e-mail.  That first night, I gave up on that God Ugly cat bed and found it a snap to slip under the closed doors and join the Happy Campers back in the big bed. Holy Cow, this camper has a whole another room back here, and look at the closet, the whole wall, and mirrored doors to boot.

I inspected the whole room, including under the covers. As Rex was sleeping and Mary was quietly reading her book, I pranced down the bed and suddenly spotted, what I thought was my sister, in the closet. I was so happy to see her I took a flying leap to bump heads with her, say hello, and BAM!!

(note to self: glass mirrors are hard, and I Damn near knocked myself out! Don’t try that again.)

Till next time, when I may reveal my secret Hide-Out.