Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Missing Lake Tahoe

So now it is July and I am really, really missing Lake Tahoe.  So what specifically do I miss about Lake Tahoe?

Here is what I miss about Lake Tahoe:

1.  The Tuesday Farmer’s Market..I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss the fresh produce I got each and every week at this Farmer’s Market.  Also my weekly batch of fresh salsa is missing because I don’t have that wonderful produce from Northern California to make it.  I also miss my occasional trips to the Farmer’s Market in Carson City.  Speaking of Carson City, I miss my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s!!

2.  My morning walk through the forest.  What better way to get your exercise that walking through a forest of Jeffery pine trees and a vast array of wild flowers?

3.  Taylor Creek—I love that nature hike through Taylor Creek. It has examples of all the ecosystem components that makes Lake Tahoe the clean, beautiful lake that it is.  It is also a very cool place to visit in the fall when the salmon come to spawn….a really interesting phenomenon—colorful too as the salmon turn a bright, bright red.

4.  Brother’s.  Ah, our favorite bar and it was within walking distance of the campground.  Well walking distance for me, but Rex always chose to meet me there with a vehicle.  When we first starting going to Lake Tahoe, the owner (he sold last year) had a childhood connection to Wrigley Field……his father worked for the Wrigley’s I think.  They also had a bartender whose girlfriend was from Iowa…..someone Rex enjoyed visiting with at any rate.

5.  Our annual trip to Virginia City.  No matter how many times we have been there I always find something new to see.  I am so grateful that I bought a jewelry piece in the rock shop there last year.  It is a necklace drop that has peridot, garnet, and citron.  Which happens to be the birth stones of three of my children.  It is a truly beautiful piece and one of my favorite possessions.

6.  Placerville, San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Sutter’s Mill.  Of those three places the only one I have actually visited is Placerville, but we have had plans to visit the other locations on our visit list.  They are all within four hours of Lake Tahoe…..and I regret that we didn’t get to San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Sutter Mill in all of the years we spent at Lake Tahoe.  What a waste!!!  Can’t begin to tell you how much I regret that…

7.  The Weather!!!  My comment about Lake Tahoe summer weather is this: “You can wear shorts everyday and never have to run your air conditioner”.  When it comes to summer what could be better than that???

8.  Bugs.  One thing about winter in Arizona – no bugs.  Well that is also true of Lake Tahoe in the summer time.  I really love to open the doors and windows and not have to worry about bugs.  Unfortunately, in light of where we are spending this summer, Mohave Valley, Arizona DOES have bugs in the summer time!!  Who knew???

9.  Co-Workers.  We really worked with some great people at Harvey’s.  I would love to list them all, but for fear of missing someone, I think I’ll just say that I will miss some of these really incredible people---maybe next year!!

So what don’t I miss about Lake Tahoe in the summer time??

1. I don’t miss 6 AM starts for work.  Have you ever gotten up at 4 AM to go to work??  It SUCKS!!

2.  I also don’t miss the shower house at Chris Haven (the campground).  It was ok but had problems that I found a pain to live with.

Well when I look at it and blue and white…it’s true  I MISS LAKE TAHOE!!