Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home Alone

By Susie-Q

The Happy Campers left camp for 10 days of house sitting.  The first 7 days I got to go along.  I wasn’t very happy with the “Cat Garage” and travelling in the backseat of the car, but my whining had no effect on them at all.

cat stuff 002

When we arrived, I was so pissed off, that I immediately found a place to hide.  They put me in the master bathroom to keep me away from the puppy.  There was a bottom drawer slightly open, and I crawled in.  Inside the back of the drawer I squeezed over the top and down under the drawer. Aha, let them find me now !!!

It was a couple of hours before Mary came looking for me, to see how I was doing back in the master bath.  She didn’t have a clue, It was like I vanished into thin air. Maybe if I get tired of camping I can find work in Vegas with one of those slippery magicians.

Another hour passed, and Rex came to look for me. The Dumb Stupid Idiot, looked in the bottom drawer and shoved it closed tight! and left !  DAMN IT !!!  Now I’m stuck and can’t get out.

I screamed, hollered, and cried for another hour.  Neither one of them can hear for Shit.  Finally they both came back to the bathroom to search again.  They finally heard me crying and removed the drawer from the cabinet to release me from the trapped, dark, hiding place.  Basically, I wished I was home in the camper!

Instead of Hiding (plan A), I next worked out an escape (plan B).  I hid under the bathroom vanity right by the door.  The next time they came into the bathroom to check on me I high tailed it out of the bathroom and under the bed.

Aha, success, they didn’t even see me escape the bathroom and now I had a whole Master Bedroom to live in and explore. I layed comfortably under the bed and watched them come search the bathroom every hour, and leave just shaking their heads at my disappearing act.

Eventually while Rex was down on his hands and knees, calling my name, he heard me laughing under bed.  I figured I was in trouble, and would be spending the rest of the day locked in the Cat Garage, but Rex just picked me up and put me on top of the king size bed, rubbed me behind the ears, and told me to stay in the bedroom and away from the puppy out in the other rooms.


The last three days of house sitting they brought me home to the camper to stay by myself.  They stopped at Pet Smart and bought this gallon jug.

cat stuff 006

I thought maybe they’d use a liter of Jack Daniels to keep me “Happy” for Three Days Home Alone. Nope I got water, and here is a shot of my self feeder. They have to remember to feed me once a month.

cat stuff 008


I survived Three Days Home Alone, and The Happy Campers were very proud of me. They said it was part of my Basic Training, because they like to go up to Laughlin and Vegas and stay on their days off once in awhile.

I can’t tell you how glad I was to see them return. I ripped around the camper as they unloaded, helped them put stuff away, and played with them the rest of the day, skipping my afternoon Cat Nap.


Al Bossence said...

Am enjoying the life & times of Susie-Q but I wish the little bugger didn't swear so damn much!!