Friday, July 10, 2009

Swing Shift Cat

I’m getting the Happy Camper’s routine figured out now after a couple weeks of living in the camper. When they begin getting ready for work, I get up from my cat nap to send them off with a smile on their face.

When they go to work on swing shift at the casino, I set up for work as well. I take up my position on top of Mary’s glass desk and assume my surveillance on Mouse control. I hate to brag, but I showed Rex where a dead mouse was inside the duct work for the furnace, made me the Cat Of The Day in Mary’s eyes, but the Mouse War continues.

After two days I gave up my secret Hide-Out, there isn’t much point hiding from the Happy Campers, they really don’t bother me much and there is nothing to be afraid of. The Hide-Out was super secure and cool. I slipped unnoticed under Steve’s chair and climb up on a board inside the chair where nobody could reach me. I’ll keep that secure spot on reserve for emergencies.

My quest for some of that delicious human food continues. I’m sure that Mary is the one that will cave in on this issue so I give her the evil cat eye and pester the hell out of her when ever she eats. So far, I’ve made zero progress. I’m beginning to understand where she got the will power to quit smoking six and half years ago.

Here is the only problem in my life:

post 002

This the Green Squirt Bottle Weapon!!!

I hate the Weapon, and the firing of it, I have no choice but to make a hasty retreat to the Cat Hut. It’s completely UNFAIR when they use the weapon!! They don’t give me a warning, no polite “NO” or anything!

I can get away with all kinds of cat pranks, like walking around the table, bed, jumping up on chairs, waking them in the middle of the night with “kisses”, climbing up to look out the widow, prowling behind the furniture, but when I climbed up the screen door with my sharp little claws chasing bugs on the outside of the screen, ZAP ! Then the next day I was playfully chewing on the cell phone charger cord ZAP ! Climb into the kitchen sink ZAP !

God Damn It !! I hate that Green Squirt Bottle Weapon!!

I taught myself to stay away from those dangerous mirrored closet doors, and I’m never going to climb up the screen door again!

I love it when the Happy Campers come home from work. Rex opens a beer and plays with me for an hour. If Rex is busy, Mary gets out my toys to play. I’m getting quite a collection toys, check out my scratching post.

post 001

I spend hours chasing my own tail, what fun !! Try it sometime.