Sunday, October 31, 2010

Animal Kingdom

Do you ever watch  animal programs on TV?  They are pretty interesting and I must admit that sometimes, I see similarities in behavior between the 4 legged animals I see on TV and the 2 legged ones I live among.

I particularly find dominance interesting.  You know when you see a lion or elk or deer or big horn sheep during mating season?  According to my recollection, a dominant male (you know, the guy with the big dick) has his female harem, group, pride, or whatever the proper term is rounded up for his "amorous" attentions during mating season.  The dominant male has earned the right to be "the one" by defending his position by "might" or by fighting off all rivals, year after year after year.   This is natures way of procreating the species with the traits of the fittest.

OK that makes sense and on some of these animal programs I have been  sad witness to the downfall of a male that has been dominant for many, many seasons. Watching one of these magnificent males have to concede and slump off the landscape is heartbreaking.   It is sad, but the way of nature.

Why am I writing about this??  Because today's Viking game reminded me of this phenomena.  At least in nature the animal under attack is given a whole season to recover.....humans, barely a week.