Friday, October 8, 2010

Phoenix Motorcycling

By Uncle Hans

We flew down to Phoenix over Labor Day to visit Renee's brother, Matt, and his family.  Matt had just had a neck fusion for a disk problem. 
       We rented a 1200 Sportster and headed up into the hills..............


.....We ended up in Jerome, an old mining town turned into a latter-day yippie retreat, full of wine shops, art galleries and head shops...........


.....I learned something new, that a wild pig is called a Javalina.  We stopped for a cold one at the Javalina bar.  I am told when you hit one on the road, it ruins your day and totals your car..............


....inside, we found something unusual.  That's the fun of the neighborhood bars we visit.  In the picture, did you notice the door to the women's can is way wider than the men's?  

    Some sort of comment on women? 


It was a nice ride, but.............Phoenix is like hell in the summer.  Up in the mountains it was , like 95 degrees.

In town, down in the valley, it was easily 115.  In the middle of an asphalt 12-lane freeway?  probably 130.
There are damned few bars to stop at.  We ended up, twice, just pulling over and taking a break under an overpass because Renee was losing consciousness and her grip on me was fading.

    Hot.  Scary hot.


When we got done, I was kinda, well,...............



Uncle Hans


Anonymous said...

O YES!! The heat there really is a killer!

Rod Ivers said...

Yes the Arizona desert is nothing to mess with when its over 100 outside. Especially on a bike at 60 mph, but it still looks like fun! We always like to go to Jerome....