Sunday, September 17, 2017

Game Day

By Uncle Hans

Saturday brings another game day. Summer is over and football is a fall sport. It is cool and rainy today. So this is the uniform for a cool, fall home game. The turtle neck is a little dorky, but I don't have the proper Under Armour gear........


We started our preparations with a 9:15 team breakfast, followed by meetings and a warm-up and short practice on the field. By kick off at 1 p.m., the sun had come out and it was a little warmer.

     As underdogs, we started with something I had never seen before......... an opening kickoff onside kick. It was a good idea and it almost worked. The ball took a couple of evil hops and then jumped into the arms of the opponent before we could capture it.


Our luck wasn't much better the rest of the day. We ended up losing 61-0 to a school from Arkansas. Our punter got a workout. He usually kicks barefoot, but is wearing a shoe because he's kicking with a fairly severe turf toe injury. Several guys are playing in spite of injury because there is no one to replace them.


These are the opponents buses.......


These are our buses.


I know I have used this excuse before, but this is the reality. Someone pointed out that no college team with 24 players has ever won a game in history as a way to push us to break that all time record.

      You might ask why the school even persists?  As I have partially explained before on the blog, this is a highly unusual year. We signed a new coach in the spring, after the recruiting season was done and we captured only 6 freshman. Because of the coaching uncertainty, about half the experienced players decided not to return. But the coach is capable and experienced and recruiting already looks good for next year.

      And we are not just trying to make it through this year. We attack each week, fervently hoping to get that victory and set an all time record!

Uncle Hans