Friday, September 8, 2017

Homecoming Preparations

By Uncle Hans

It's homecoming week at Trinity Bible College! every day has a new set of activities. They painted a bunch of windows and this window has the names of all the football players. The excitement builds until the game on Saturday afternoon. Renee will be in the bleachers as she is now here with me.......


Probably the favorite event is the Powder Puff Games on Thursday night. Everyone gets involved. The football team provides the referees, the coaches, and even the cheerleaders! The stands were nearly full when I took these pictures........



These guys were the favorites......


With Renee and Charley joining me, the motorhome got too small in a hurry. This will be our new home until early November. It's not much, but it's the best I could find on short notice. We move in tomorrow after classes.


     I am doing well in my 5 classes. I am still sore and stiff all over but don't have a significant injury yet. I strained my back lifting weights this morning but I felt good enough to practice this afternoon. We'll see tomorrow if this is going to be a significant injury. The game on Saturday is against Grinnell of Iowa. There will be a Blog to follow, hopefully one about victory...........

By Uncle Hans


Unknown said...

Did y'all go to prom!?